Joe White Enterprises

J White Enterprises LLC – HTST Pasteurization Training & HTST Assessment

Through J White Enterprises LLC, Joe White brings the benefits of his 48+ years of experience to the dairy and food industries. He has worked with Brinks Inc., M. G. Newell Co., Flav-o-Rich, Publix Supermarkets and Randolph Associates Inc. His expertise ranges from management of initial plant construction to implementation of cutting edge technologies while keeping operations at the forefront of emerging industry standards.

25 years as Chief Engineer and Project Manager for the Publix Dairy Processing Plant in Lakeland, FL honed his ability to identify and resolve problems arising from every aspect of plant operation. Primary concerns included reducing mechanical downtime, improving production efficiency and increasing product throughput. By the time Joe retired from Publix, efficiency of equipment and systems had been significantly improved enabling the manufacture of additional products and more than doubling the original design output to over 250,000 gallons per day.

Recognizing an industry wide need for qualified professionals with the specialized skill sets necessary to increase efficiency through troubleshooting, analyzing and resolving problems, Joe established J White Enterprises. With the skills and resources to tackle any opportunity, Joe is now specializing in:

When Should You Call J White Enterprises?

When your Senior HTST Operators and Maintenance Staff need additional training and understanding of the Equipment they operate and maintain.

  • We offer an in house HTST Training program designed primarily for Maintenance and experienced Operators.
  • The Class is 2 days long with 1 & 1/2 days of Power Point and discussion with the group and a 1/2 day in the plant going over the actual HTST. This allows for 2 classes in one week if necessary. We cover every piece of equipment in an HTST system: what it does, why it does it and what are the regulatory requirements regarding each component.
  • At the end of the class each attendant should be able to follow the actual flow through a HTST system in both Forward and Diverted flow while explaining what each component is doing

When you’re processing, filling, CIP and / or material handling systems have become inefficient and are wasting time, manpower, energy, chemicals and water.

  • We evaluate manufacturing processes and CIP systems for chemical, energy and water conservation
  • We review system capacities and calculate required equipment demands in order to ensure a mechanical and hydraulic balanced system.
  • We assist in implementing improvements

When your facility has unsolved opportunities and hidden bottlenecks that are hampering maximum production efficiency and restricting output.

  • We utilize root cause analysis techniques to understand the actual problems, opportunities & bottlenecks
  • We evaluate corrective options
  • We recommend solutions to the actual problem, and not to the symptoms
  • We assist in implementing changes & upgrades

When you are ready to get serious about a Preventative Maintenance Program for your facility. If you are considering applying for SQF certification this will be a prerequsite.

  • We can help you install, start up and maintain a fully functional Web Based Computerized Maintenance Management Program that is very user friendly
  • The program will manage normal schedule or unscheduled Work Orders
  • This program contains a very advanced Preventative Maintenance Program.
  • This program also serves as a fully functional Parts Inventory System
  • This program requires no I.T. involvement and can be operational in a short amount of time.
  • We have a well-developed P.M. procedure library at our disposal
  • We have an extensive Dairy Maintenance background in both standard Maintenance as well as many years developing Preventive Maintenance Programs