Joe White Enterprises

When Should You Call J White Enterprises?

When your Maintenance Staff and Senior HTST Operators need additional training.

o We offer an in house HTST Training program designed primarily for Maintenance and experienced Operators.
o The Class is 2 days long with 1 & 1/2 days of Power Point and discussion with the group and a 1/2 day in the plant going over the actual HTST. This allows for 2 classes in one week if necessary. We cover every piece of equipment in an HTST system: what it does, why it does it and what are the regulatory requirements regarding each component.
o At the end of the class each attendant should be able to follow the actual flow through a HTST system in both Forward and Diverted flow while explaining what each component is doing

When you’re processing, filling, CIP and / or material handling systems have become inefficient and are wasting time, manpower, energy, chemicals and water.

o We evaluate manufacturing processes and CIP systems for chemical, energy and water conservation
o We review system capacities and calculate required equipment demands in order to ensure a mechanical and hydraulic balanced system.
o We assist in implementing improvements

When your facility has unsolved opportunities and hidden bottlenecks that are hampering maximum production efficiency and restricting output.

o We utilize root cause analysis techniques to understand the actual problems, opportunities & bottlenecks
o We evaluate corrective options
o We recommend solutions to the actual problem, and not to the symptoms
o We assist in implementing changes & upgrades

When you are planning on new processing, filling or material handling equipment and are seeking an unbiased review and recommendation.

o We understand your needs for plant process systems and/or equipment upgrades and improvements
o We analyze capabilities of existing plant systems and equipment to make recommendations
o We assist in researching, selecting, negotiating and installing selected upgrades