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HTST Physical Assessment

The HTST physical starts with a complete assessment of the High Temperature Short Time Pasteurizer System, (HTST).
The assessment consists of a 6 page form which is used to record the operation of each component involved in the HTST System.
• The plate streaming document is used as the basis of the assessment where all flows, temperatures and pressures are documented as to how the unit is designed to operate. This information is then compared to how the HTST is actually operating in both production and CIP modes.
• This assessment begins with the product supply pump feeding the balance tank as the starting point of the HTST and concludes with the pasteurized hold back valve at the end of the HTST.
• All temperatures, flows, and pressures, both product and heating and cooling media are recorded during all phases of production and CIP. This information is then compared to how the system was designed.
• All components, major and minor are observed in all production and CIP modes and inspected during down time.
• All pumps are documented with model, size, impeller, VFD speed or output % during all phases of operation. They are then evaluated against the design requirements using Pump Flow to compare the required discharge head to the actual discharge head available.
• The design specification for the separator are documented and compared with the actual information during operation.
• The homogenizer is monitored during operation and inspected during down time.
• All valves are observed during operation and documented with the valve plugs being inspected.
• An evaluation of the Regulatory issues related to the HTST is also part of the assessment.
• At the end of the HTST Assessment a complete report containing all pertinent information related to the HTST it presented in a PDF format.
• This report offers documentation of all issues observed along with recommendations for improvement.
• It also has full documentation of every component in the HTST system which can be invaluable when troubleshooting the HTST system.

A single HTST assessment normally takes approximately 3 days. Depending on overlapping production schedules it is sometimes possible to evaluate two different units in a five day time frame. The result is a thorough physical evaluation of the most regulated system in the Food and Dairy Industry and the heart of your production facility.

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